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Will Thatch Stand Up To Strong Winds

Will Thatch Stand Up To Strong Winds?

Thatch is one of the strongest types of roof around, stronger than tiles or slate roofs, and certainly capable of standing up to strong winds when fitted properly. It is thought to be stronger than most standard materials when it comes to withstanding the weather. As it is a natural insulator it is also extremely efficient, keeping your house or building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When thatch is installed the material, be it reed or straw, is attached to the rafters and held down by following courses.

This allows the material to be securely fixed to the building and ensure its capability of standing up to strong winds. The result is a naturally water repellent roof, tightly secured and bound. The materials used to bound the thatch to the building, such as steel rods or wires, are also usually buried 5-6 inches beneath the top layer of material so will not be an eyesore on your pristine thatched roof. Additionally, wire netting can also be installed to provide extra protection and a protective barrier against strong winds.

The Importance Of Thatch Maintenance

The Importance Of Thatch Maintenance

How Weather Resistant Is Thatch?

Thatch, when installed correctly, is also highly water resistant. When water hits the roof it will simply run away as it does on standard roofing materials. Water rarely penetrates a thatched roof more than an inch or two, making it the ideal material to be used on a naturally waterproof roof.

Thatch is also no more likely than other materials to catch fire. However, once alight it is more likely to spread more rapidly. Reduce the dangers of this with regular roof  inspections from highly trained companies, as well as regular chimney maintenance and servicing.