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How Long Does It Take To Thatch A Roof?

Thatch is an extremely versatile and hardy material that can be used on roofs across a variety of properties such as houses and cottages through to commercial properties such as pubs and business premises. There are a variety of materials that can be used to install a thatched roof such as reed or straw. As these are a time consuming and labour intensive material to install it is important that a roof thatcher assesses the size and scale of the job and what work will be required on the roof.

The time it takes to complete a thatching job varies and is very dependent upon the size and shape of the building. Naturally, the larger the property the longer the installation will take and this will be reflected in the price. There are however other mitigating circumstances when considering how long a thatch job will take. It can depend upon whether there are any underlying problems and how good the roof conditions are. Circumstances such as the removal of the old thatch, rewiring of the roof or re-ridging will all affect the time it takes to complete the thatch installation.

Thatched Roof Installations

An average re-thatch will take 6-8 weeks; this will also vary with the amount of Thatchers working on one roof. The unpredictable winter weather also plays a large part in how long a full re-thatch will take. A re-ridge will normally take 1-2 weeks – again this will vary on how complex the pattern is and whether there are any parts of the roof that needs repairing.

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