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What Are The Different Types Of Thatch?

The traditional practice of roof thatching has existed for hundreds of years throughout countries worldwide. Needless to say, there is a wide variety of thatching materials and tools used when it comes to thatching a roof. Here at Heart Of England Master Thatchers we are often asked the question, what are the different types of thatch? Grown in various locations, and known by differing names, thatch types are used for various applications, from full thatch installation to re-ridging.

Thatching Types

Long Straw

Long Straw is a form of straw grown specifically for thatching. Long straw thatches have both ears and butts showing on the coat work, making it more shaggy in appearance.

Water Reed

Water Reed has been used as a thatching material for centuries. Commonly known as Norfolk Reed, it is grown around rivers, hence the name water. Due to common variance in factors such as length, diameter and hardness it is dependent upon the thatcher to use the right material for each roof. This will also affect the lifespan of the roof.

Combed Wheat Reed

Combed Wheat Reed is often used for both thatching roofs and ridging work. Also referred to as Devon Reed, special varieties are grown to be used specifically for thatching.