Chimney Damage

Thatched Roof Safety

Safety is always at the front of our minds with any job we do here at Heart of England, which is why it is hard for us when we see an issue that can’t be disturbed. Recently we visited this cottage that has visible smoke through the thatch with several holes in the chimney and we found charcoaled spars and straw underneath.

The Conservation Officers and English Heritage companies that we have spoken to do not want us to “disturb the base coats” and want us to “leave as much material there as possible”, this is hard for us as we know how much of a hazard this can be for the property. We can’t keep going over base coats, ignoring the structure of the roof and chimneys forever. It’s a miracle that there hasn’t been any more damage to this building. By stripping the roof and fireproofing it with a single coat we can eliminate the likelihood of a fire, however, as with any job sector, there are hurdles that need to be dealt with beforehand.

We would like to thank the Thatch Advice Centre for following through with Historic England and getting the FPA research. There needs to be a balance to preserve important base layers and put fire resisting barriers in place whilst keeping conservation in place.


Chimney Damage on a Thatched Roof

Damaged Thatch












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