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De-Mossing a thatched roof – Leicester

Removing Moss build up Overtime moss build up can cause many different problems which is why it is important to get your moss removed as soon as you see it, the longer it is left the more it can spread. It can also spread if it isn’t removed correctly which is why here at Heart…
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How long does a thatched roof last for?

Preserving your roof Over the years I have been asked one question persistently, and understandably people need to ask it, how long does a thatched roof last for? This question is probably one of the most popular questions I have been asked! The answer to this depends on a lot of variables from material to…
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Moss Removal – Market Harborough, Leicestershire

We’ve worked on this beautiful water read thatched cottage doing a full moss removal. A thick green blanket of moss covered the roof of this property but with a simple sweep down and dress up it looks smarter and helps shed rainwater a lot quicker. Moss removal is an effective process to help extend the…
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