Things Aren’t What They Seem in Balsall Common (Part 1)

Wooden Roof Structures From The Past

So, we headed out to a new job in Balsall Common, a large village in Solihull. When we got there and stripped the roof back we found some very old wooden structures in place, and knew instantly that we had our work cut-out from the beginning!

Take a look at some of the photos on the right, you will see that the wooden structure underneath was done a very long time ago. A lot of it had rotted, snapped or had fallen out of position.

Sounds familiar, right? It wasn’t that long ago we found similar issues with the White Hart Pub in Northampton, which started before Christmas 2018 and ended up crossing the finish line in May 2019.

Our job with this new project was to bring in some fresh timber and set out a better structure ready for thatching. This roof was in dire need of some TLC.

Photo Gallery 

The photos to the right start with how the roof initially looked and ends with a few photos of the timber work we are putting in place.

See part 2 for the completed job!