Re-Thatch – Clipston, Market Harborough

We have recently finished this property in Clipston, Market Harborough. This was a full Re-Thatch with a thatched fox on top to add visual appeal.

Replacing battens was a must on this job; however, the ceilings were plastered very close to the outside edge of the timbers we have had to screw the battens on instead of using nails. This is a slower process but has much less impact. We also had to create new lead flashings to the wall, chimney and windows. This was a great technical roof to work on, a nice challenge for everyone involved. A fantastic team effort as usual!

Re-Thatch Market Harborough













We are always happy to help with any roofing issue you have under your thatch. It is best to get these fixed rather than simply thatching on top and hiding the problem. If you have any questions regarding your Thatched Roof or would like to book a consultation with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch!